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The Philippine National Police have recorded a total of 224 cases of firecrackers and stray bullet incidents, 43% lower than last year (521 incidents).
From December 16, 2016 to January 2, 2017, National Operations Center (NOC) in Camp Crame recorded a total of 12 stray bullet incidents with 8 persons injured and 1 person killed. While on 144 firecracker incident, 169 persons were injured, 18 were arrested for selling of illegal firecrackers and Php879,708.00 worth of illegal firecrackers were confiscated. On illegal discharge of firearms, 19 persons were arrested, one from PNP, one from AFP, 3 security guards and 14 civilians.
The early campaign, operations and surprise inspections of the PNP on different fireworks selling establishments helped a lot to reduce the firecrackers and stray bullet incidents.
The PNP is still encouraging the public post or upload videos and pictures in the social media of persons who used firearms in celebration of New Year or report to the nearest police station for immediate investigation and action.