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  • Located in highly populated, residential areas as well as in secluded places
  • Building with high fence and gates
  • Uninhabited most of the time and are leased over a short term period, usually from 8 months to one year.
  • Lessee is not the occupant of the rented warehouses / labs
  • Usually store inferior quality imported items to serve as illegitimate fronts.
  • Only handful of laborers, mostly Oriental-looking.
  • Non-factory buildings with giant smokestacks / exhaust systems.
  • Nauseating odors emitting from the highly toxic chemicals
  • Corroded roofs and stained walls due to chemical burns
  • Discolored and damaged floors due to very potent acids
  • Dried-up vegetation around the vicinity
  • Presence of container vans, closed vans and passenger vans.
  • Presence of Close Circuit TV (CCTV) security cameras
  • Presence of imported mixers dryers, pressure tanks and rotary evaporators
  • Presence of wooden crates containing bottles of Thionyl Chloride and Acetone
  • Presence of Ephedrine contained in sacks labeled as P.V.C. Resin
  • Presence of Activated Carbon
  • Very high consumption of hydrogen gas, electricity bills and water
  • Utility bills such as electricity, water, telephone, etc. are paid by the facilitators.