Police safely rescued a 22-year old person with disability (PWD) who was held hostage by a bolo-wielding amok in Palawan on Sunday afternoon.

The amok, Bernard Cortez Adial, 48, of Tagbarokbok, Barangay Isugod, Quezon, Palawan, was shot by responding police operatives during the rescue. He died from a single gunshot wound in the neck.

The victim, who is verbally-challenged and can barely walk due to severe disability of the outer extremities, suffered a lacerated wound in the elbow during the brief hostage drama at 5:30 PM.

Citing reports reaching the PNP Command Center in Camp Crame, PNP Chief Police General Debold Sinas said that the Municipal Police Station of Quezon, Palawan was alerted by Barangay Chairman Glendy Cacho, of an ongoing hostage-taking incident in Barangay Isugod. Upon the arrival of the police team at the scene, Adial reportedly ran towards the neighbor’s house where he took hostage PWD Shiela Mae Nadoy Saban, 22, while holding responding policemen at bay with a 24-inch bolo with which he threatened to hack the victim despite orders for him to surrender.

Adial was about to strike the victim with the bolo prompting a member of the police team to use his firearm hitting the suspect once in the neck.

The suspect was rushed to the Quezon Medicare Hospital but was declared dead on arrival by Dr. Michael Ventura. Investigators learned that Adial has not eaten and slept for two days before the incident. (PNP-PIO)