Press Statement of
PNP Spokesperson
June 29, 2018


The Philippine National Police is saddened by the latest pronouncement of Utrecht-based Communist Party of the Philippines Chair Jose Ma. Sison that in effect scuttled the resumption of peace negotiations with the government.

We regret that leaders of the National Democratic Front, for reasons of their own, have closed the door on the prospects of ending the five decades of conflict with the Philippine government.

As officers of the law, we are most interested in seeing the peace process come to its logical conclusion. We have seen the ugly face of war, and we hate to see the future generations go through it all over again.

It is unfortunate that Sison’s personal reasons of comfort along with the NDF’s own strategic agenda are getting in the way of the success of the peace process.

Nonetheless, the PNP is poised to initiate preventive security measures to preclude possible hostile actions by the local communist movement in the aftermath of the suspended resumption of peace negotiations with the NDF.

In view of the postponement of the resumption of the peace talks with the CPP-NPA, all units were advised to intensify security measures in all PNP facilities and installations. Security procedures and SOPs are being strictly observed in all administrative and operational movement of troops and personnel. The PNP high command has reminded all personnel to observe extra precautionary measures in their movements from their residences to their places of work. This alert notice is treated with most preferential attention to preempt any attack or abduction of our personnel.

Thru PNP Director for Operations, Police Director Ma.O R Aplasca, the Chief PNP, Police Director General Oscar D Albayalde has issued a series of Security Reminders to all Regional Directors in anticipation of possible increased armed activity, violent action, and show of force by the communist New People’s Army.

Police Regional Offices were directed to implement Enhanced Managing Police Operations (E-MPO) in their respective areas of responsibility thru regular law enforcement activities, security measures, information operations, Red Teaming, Contingency Planning, Simulation Exercises, Feedback and offensive stance

Based on historical data, the local communist movement is known to launch high-profile raids, ambuscades, and attacks on isolated government posts and soft targets to project an image of strength and influence to prop-up its bargaining stand in negotiations.

Regular law enforcement activities include the service of warrants arrest on persons wanted by the law for criminal offenses. Our mandate to enforce judicial orders and court processes against CPP/NPA/NDF respondents will continue without let-up with the same fervor as we do with other law offenders regardless of ideology or political affiliation.

As a counter measure against possible NPA activity, PNP Units were instructed to adopt the policy of “no surprise” or unannounced inspection or visit to PNP posts and patrol bases.

Unexpected visitors shall be treated with extreme caution and suspicion by PNP Units as the NPA has been known to disguise themselves clad in military and police uniforms when conducting raids on isolated government posts.